Gibbon Rehabilitation Project of Phuket

Gibbon Rehabilitation Project of Phuket

While the elephants or Thailand are receiving some much-needed attention and care in the establishment of sanctuaries all over Thailand, people should keep in mind that there are other endangered species of animals in Thailand who deserve the same level of rescue and rehabilitation. 


The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, located in Phuket, is a non-profit organization. They have taken on the worthwhile mission to provide the gibbons of southern Thailand with the rescue, care, rehabilitation, and whenever possible, reintroduction into the wild.  

Rescuing Gibbons from Exploitation

Many of the gibbons at their facilities were rescued from the illegal tourist trade where they would be used as props while tourists had their pictures taken with them. 

Others were rescued from people who adopted them as pets without understanding their needs. Some were abandoned in zoos after the zoo owners couldn’t care for them properly.

Reintroducing Gibbons to