Patravadi Mejudhon has been a prominent name in Bangkok’s art scene for many years. Named as a National Artist, as well as an award-winning stage actress, director and playwright, she loves every aspect of the performing arts.




In 1992 she founded the Patravadi Theatre complex on the southern shore of the Chao Phrya river in Bangkok, opposite the Grand Palace to share her love of the arts. The theatre served as a training complex as well as a performance theatre for talented and aspiring dancers, both foreign and local.

The complex was a place where they could hone their talents and skills in both classical and modern dance techniques. The Patravadi Theatre was well-known for the introduction of a blend of classical and Thai dance that creates innovative and refreshing performances every time her dancers take the stage.


Relocating to Hua Hin

Several years ago, Patravadi relocated to Hua Hin, where she established Vic Hua Hin. This is a school for the arts that teaches music, dance, sculpture and painting to young people. The school is located on a spacious plot of land that seems more like a farm than a school. Farm animals roam the grounds and are fed by the students, visitors and caretakers.

Back in Bangkok, the theatre complex has been transformed into the Theatre Residence. It’s a boutique run by Patravadi’s daughter, Velvadi Sritrairatana.


Theatre Residence

The Theatre Residence, like Patravadi Theatre before it, occupies the area known as Wang Lang. This was an area that artists who performed only for the Royal Family lived and trained for their performances.

A noblewoman in the Royal Court of King Rama VI was Patravadi’s mother, Khun Ying Supatra Singholoka. The King gave her the land after the artists had gone into the civil service and left the area.

She kept the land as it was until she passed it on to her daughters. Patravadi established her theatre complex on a piece of the property. 

The Theatre Residence is a hotel which proudly displays the performance history of the family behind it. In the lobby is a prominent bust of Khun Ying Supatra. Behind the statue are some of the stage costumes worn by Patravadi over the years.

If you want to be immersed in the performance arts envisioned by Patravadi, head down to Vic Hua Hin or contact the school to book a course for your children. But if you want to visit the area that held such a prestigious institution as the Patravadi Theatre, book a stay at the Theatre Residence.