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The appeal of shopping online is obvious, you don’t need to leave your house, wait in line or deal with surly sales staff. However, alongside this list of pros is an equally long list of cons. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re on the road to disaster and disappointment. To save yourself the headache of having to return a pair of jeans that are three sizes too small or fight to get a refund on a sale item, here are five top tips to help you shop ladies fashion online in Thailand like a pro.

Know your measurements – First things first, whip out a measuring tape and take note of your bust, waist, hips, and inseam measurements. Before you head to the checkout, see how your measurements stand up to the site’s actual size chart.

Check the return policy – Make sure you familiarise yourself with the site’s return policies before you order. Things to look for: free returns, how long you have to return items, can you make exchanges, and whether or not returns can be made in-store.

Read the reviews – Customer reviews are precious pieces of info, scan for comments about size, fit, colour and the quality of material used to get a better idea of whether a particular item is likely to suit your particular body type and style.

Edit your cart – Because you’re not physically lugging items around a store, it can be easy to make impulse purchases online. We recommend you save the items in your cart, sleep on it, and if you still desperately want everything the next day, go for it!

Befriend a tailor – Just because something doesn’t fit perfectly doesn’t mean you have to return it, especially if you really like the piece. Take it to a local tailor and have them make some minor adjustments to get the fit just right.

We hope this brief article has been helpful and you’re well on your way to being a pro at buying ladies’ fashion online in Thailand. Happy shopping!