Get Quality Assurance and Audit Services in Bangkok

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Today’s fast-paced business world places a lot of pressure on a company’s top management to make the right decision every time. But you can ease some of this pressure by trusting in professional, comprehensive assurance and audit services Bangkok

A company just starting out needs to spend money on infrastructure, staff and equipment. But it’s also a delicate time for a new company. The top management doesn’t know when they’ll be able to replace the money they spend, and they have to provide for many needs with the limited funds they have at their disposal. 

Experienced managers know they can’t grasp the details of every purchase or contract they sign their name to without taking forever to make informed decisions. They need to partner with a trusted group of financial professionals to perform the due diligence required to make the right decisions every time. 

Correct Decisions Are Crucial for a New Business

This is why partnering with a trusted assurance and audit company can be vital in the early days of a company. Outsourcing your assurance and audit needs can allow you to attend to all the details of setting up a company without worrying that a wrong decision will bring your company to a sudden halt. 

Most business executives don’t have the time to go line by line through a complicated contract or purchase agreement. The contracts also may deal with arcane finance areas that only CPAs are well-versed in. 

An assurance and audit company can play two roles. They can be trusted financial advisors that you can call on for consultation when you’re unsure about the in and outs of your company’s methods of operations and whether they all are sustainable. They can also be a partner to your company that you can feel comfortable outsourcing all your due diligence needs to have a solid foundation for making vital financial decisions. 

As your company gets up and running, having an outside observer that can look at your company’s business performance through more than its financial statements and provide a clear and concise evaluation is critical to moving your company in the right direction from the outset. 

Satisfying Thai Government and Foreign Requirements

Every company operating in Thailand has to satisfy certain government reporting and auditing requirements. Partnering with an experienced assurance and auditing company can make it easier for your company to focus on getting up and running than satisfying government requirements. This is particularly important if your company is a branch of a larger overseas company, and you also have to report to them using IFRS and US GAAP frameworks.   

Navigating the proper formats is crucial in establishing your company’s legitimacy and favourable financial reputation. 

Partner with Mazars

With the experience and local knowledge of Mazars, many foreign companies choose it as their partner when they begin operations in Thailand. But just as many local businesses also trust the international reputation of Mazars. If you’re looking for an assurance and audit services in Thailand, contact Mazars to schedule an initial consultation and learn the many facets they can bring to the partnership.